The Junior Development Committee

The Junior Development Committee is generally organized along the following lines:

Junior Liason: Appointed by the President to serve as the Junior Liason on the Board of Directors. 

Senior members: Usually composed of 1 Female (Ladies Junior Director), 1 Senior

Male member and 1 Intermediate member.  Others may also assist the Committee.

Chairman - Steve Spicer
Intermediate Representative -TBD                           

Junior Executive: The members of the Junior Executive are elected annually at the Junior Closing and must be fourteen years of age or older. The Junior Executive may consist of up to six members.  The members of the Brightwood Junior Executive for 2019:  TBD                                                                              
Directors at Large: TBD

What the Committee Does

Junior Chair: Responsible for the Junior members and all aspects of the Junior Development Program including Tournaments and regulation of the game of golf for the Junior membership, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Senior Members: Responsible for carrying out duties assigned in conjunction with the junior members.

Junior Members: Assist the Senior members of the Junior Committee as assigned and to fulfill the duties of elected positions.

The success of the Junior Program each year is the responsibility of the nucleus of allmembers. The help of other Junior, Intermediate and Senior members is both encouraged and essential.  It is important that Juniors play an active role in the Program.