Rules and Regulations


1. Juniors are Males and Females between the ages of 10 - 18 years of age.
2. All Juniors are to play from the Front Tees until they have a Handicap of 35 or less. After 8 strokes on the Fairway, Juniors must proceed to the Green, and after 4 strokes on the Green, must proceed to the next Tee. This does not apply to Tournament or Match play.

3. No more than 4 players to a group
4. Juniors not in the company of an Adult member are permitted to be at the course and sign in ½ hour before their playing time.
5. Juniors not in the company of an Adult member are expected to be off the facility within 1/2 hour of completion of their round of golf.
6. Juniors are not permitted on the Putting Green after completion of their round of golf without permission from the Pro Shop.
7. Juniors are not to be running around the Clubhouse or hanging around the Proshop, Club Storage, the Dining Room or the Locker Rooms.
8. Juniors using the Dining Room are to be on their best behaviour at all times.
9. Juniors are not to leave their shoes or sneakers under the benches beside Number One Tee. There are shelves in the Junior Room for shoes.
10. The Junior Room is for the use of the Junior members. It is up to the Junior membership to ensure that the room is kept clean and free from vandalism and graffiti. When school is not in session in June, July, August and September, food purchased in the Dining Room is to be eaten in the Dining Room and not in the Junior Room. Failure to follow the above rules may result in the room being closed. A surveillance camera has been installed in the Junior Room as part of the program to increase security in the downstairs area.
11. Gambling is not permitted in the Junior Room.
12. Juniors are not permitted in the Mixed Lounge or the Nineteenth Hole unless accompanied by an Adult.
13. The Games Room is out of bounds to Juniors and is also monitored by a surveillance camera.
14. Juniors are not permitted to bring guests to the club, except under special circumstances and only with the approval of the Junior Director.
15. During the school year, Juniors will be permitted to buy their lunch from the Dining Room and eat it in the Junior Room. Provided the Junior Room is kept clean. Juniors will be required to sign in on a daily basis. Failure to adhere to the policy will result in the loss of lunchtime privileges.
16. When the golf course is closed, Juniors are only permitted in the clubhouse if accompanied by an Adult member, except if they are at the club for lunch.
17. Any Juniors caught displaying inappropriate behaviour or conduct including damaging the course or clubhouse may be subject to discipline including suspension in accordance with Club’s Disciplinary Guidelines.
Dress Code - Overall appearance should be neat and tidy. No Jeans or T-Shirts permitted on the course. Shorts must be at least mid thigh. Shirts for all Male golfers must have acollar and sleeves. Hats are not permitted in the Dining room, and should be wornfrontward elsewhere. The Pro Shop reserves the right to refuse any golfer access to the golf course.